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Services to researchers

The Knowledge Transfer Unit (UTC) advise researchers in results protection, the filling of the Invention Disclosure Form and the information needed from VATC-CSIC so they can evaluate an invention in terms of novelty and commercial potential.

A CSIC technology transfer technician will manage the evaluation and protection of the invention in collaboration with an external patent attorney. UTC support and advise ICMAB-CSIC researchers during the process. UTC will work together with CSIC in the search of licensors.

Search of industrial partners

UTC can do specific searches of industrial partners, both as project partners or as licensors.

Spin-offs creation

Sometimes, the best way to commercialize a technology is through the creation of a Spin-off. It depends, mainly, on the kind of technology, the industrial sector, and the profiles of the inventors. UTC advises inventors on the steps needed to create a Spin-off and helps in searching investors and entrepreneurship formation.

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