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MAV Cluster

Catalonia Advanced Materials Cluster

MAV Cluster is an organization that seeks to promote and contribute to the competitiveness of companies and organizations in the advanced materials sector, along with its associated technologies. The strategic lines are the following:

  • Business intelligence and commercialization: promotes initiatives aimed at boosting the advanced materials business by stimulating and exploting synergies between members and related sectors.
  • Internationalization: helps members in new markets searching.
  • Technology valorisation: knowledge of the technical offer of the membersand innovation management improvement.
  • Encourage sustainability and implement circular economy.

ICMAB-CSIC is a founder member of MAV Cluster. Being a member helps the achievement of some of the UTC objectives, like:

  • Dissemination of ICMAB-CSIC capabilities to contribute with innovative and sustainable solutions: alternative to rare, expensive, contaminant materials, etc.
  • Knowledge of the challenges related with advanced materials of the industrial members.


Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) Research Park

PRUAB's mission is facilitate and promote the transfer of knowledge generated by researchers from the UAB Campus, as well as R & D capabilities to help the innovation needs of the economic and social environment. PRUAB wants to become the reference organization for companies and researchers in stimulating the transfer of knowledge in their area of influence and internationally, as an engine of economic and social development.

PRUAB organize courses and formative sessions in issues related with knowledge transfer, results protection, entrepreneurship, etc.

ICMAB-CSIC is placed in the UAB Campus, therefor, benefits from PRUAB's services, increasing its visibility and the interactions with companies.

Hub B30

Hub B30 is a territorial open innovation network, a community of companies, R & D institutions, administrations and citizens, close to B30 motorway. Is an space of confluence between challenges and innovative answers. An environment that facilitates innovation.

ICMAB-CSIC is inside the territory defined by B30 and participates in the activities promoted by the Hub B30.


BNC-b Cluster

BNC-b Cluster was founded in 2007, bringing together research centres, University departments and companies with knowledge, expertise and resources in the nanotechnology area.

All members are placed in the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) Campus or its surroundings, which facilitates collaborations and resources optimization.

The mission of BNC-b Custer is the coordination, promotion and development of R & D projects. The vision is being a referent in nanotechnology internationally.



Advanced Materials and Nanomaterials Spanish Technological Platform

MATERPLAT was created in 2008 with the purpose of fostering and promoting innovation in R &D&i Spanish System, as a key tool and instrument to improve and increase the competitiveness of the collective of Spanish companies, for which advanced materials and nanomaterials, as well as their transformation processes are fundamental elements in the development and commercialization of their products and services.

In order to do so, MATERPLAT aims to build and develop a framework of encounter and collaboration between the differeny agents interested in promoting research, development and the application of advanced materials and nanomaterials.

MATERPLAT has the following goals:

  • Foster collaboratin between the agents of the Spanish R & D &i System to give answers to the society challenges related to materials.
  • Identifiy and prioritize needs regarding research and innovation in the science and technology of materials and nanomaterials at a national level.


A cluster of technoogical innovation that brings together companies, technology centers and research groups, experts in photonic technologies, who firmly believe in collaboration.

SECPHO is focused on promoting technological innovation through the application of photonic technologies, or technologies based on light, to all types of sectors of our economy.

SECPHO's main objectives are:

  • To generate business opportunities for companies
  • To provide technology centres and research groupswith access to projects
  • To foster innovation in the field of photonic and optic technologies