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Services for industry

X-Ray diffraction services (XRD)

Determination of the composition of a solid or thin film material

identification of the crystalline phases of the sample comparing the experimental data with the 300,000 reference data of a database.

Determination of the crystalline structure of new inorganic and molecular materials (drugs) with powder diffraction

the determination of the crystalline structure allows the localization of the atomic positions in the material and understand and/or predict its properties. 

Diffraction diagrams for the polymorphic phases analysis in solid materials

In molecular compounds XRD allows the detection of the different structures that a molecule can adopt in solid state. Some phases can adopt different structures  with the same chemical formula. The properties of the different structures can modify drastically the properties of the molecules, for example, some structures can be active pharmaceutical ingredients and others can have toxic effects.   

Microdiffraction diagrams for the local analysis of the products of chemical reactions in heterogenous areas 

The chemical reactions that take place interfaces may change the resistance properties of the materials lateral resolution.

Texture analysis in coatings and thin films

Determination of the distribution of the orientation of the crustalline grains in a policrystalline sample.

Determination of residual surface tension in metals and alloys which may affect mechanical resistance

Identification and determination of crystalline structures in capillar when the sample is scarce, fragile or present a preffered orientation