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Technical services for industry

Spectrophotometry and electron paramagnetic resonance(EPR)

Spectroscopy services

We have several equipment that work in the range of UV-visible and infrared: UV-Vis-NIR and FT-IR. They are useful to characterize organic and inorganic samples as we can determine chromophores and functional groups. The sample can be analyzed in solution or solid (amorphous or microcrystalline powder, molecular crystals, films, ceramics, plastics, etc.)  

Electronic Paramagnetic Resonance

With EPR we can characterized paramagnetic systems. In ICMAB we are specialized in the detection, study and characterization of organic free radicals in any kind of sample (solution, amorphous or microcrystaline powder, molecular crystals, films,etc.).

The detection of free radicals may be interesting in several industrial sectors such as the comestic, chemistry or pharmaceutical sector. it is useful the study of the radicals by themselves or the detection of the appearance, undesired evolution processes or the deterioration of certain components of the sample.


UV-Vis-NIR Cary 5000

UV-Vis-NIR Cary 5