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Technical services for the industry

Electric and magnetic measures


The characterization of the magnetic properties and the electric transportation is essential to characterize materials use in several advanced technological applications.

The study of transportation properties as electrical conductivity and magneto resistance, among others, are important to characterize superconductive materials and magnetic nanostructured materials as magnetic nanocables, nanodots and nanoparticles. 

New features arise in these materials due to size and are ideal candidates for technological applications such as spintronic, high density memories, microwave electronic, permanent magnets, medical diagnosis and drug delivery. 

Measure these properties at the nanoscale are of  interest in fields like microchips electric components, field effect transistors, sensors, etc.

ICMAB equipment has the capacity to measure extremely low magnetization signals in the samples. Magnetization can be evaluated under different temperature of magnetic fields conditions (Quantum Design MPMS-XL).

We have another equipment to study the magnetic and electric properties in materials in controlled conditions of temperature and magnetic field applied. We can measure mobility properties (resistance, Hall effec, magnetoresistance, IV Characteristic...) from the sample or, with the suitable electronics, measure magnetic properties (magnetization and AC susceptibility) (Quantum Design PPMS System)

The temperature range is from 2K to 400K with an oscillation lower than 0.1%.