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Technical services for industry

Soft Materials

Processing: Preparation of nano and microstructured materials with processes with compressed fluids.  

We have high pressure systems with gas flow that allow the nano and microstructuration of molecular materials and obtaining micro and nanoparticles. 

We can obtain organic, inorganic and hybrid organic/inorganic materials with a controlled supramolecular, nano or mycroscopic structure. We can also produce porous and mesoporous materials. 

This kind of processing can be interesting for cosmetic, pharmaceutical, chemistry, food industry, etc. 


Determine the size of  particles, stability and concentration of nanoparticles.

ICMAB  has equipment that can measure particle size from nanometers to millimeters. we can also determine their concentration and stability with the Potential-Z measure.

We can also determine the stability of suspensions or emulsions where the particles are dispersed (sedimentation, flocculation, etc.).

Characterization of nanoparticles is interesting in biological, food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, chemical applications, etc.

Our services can be used as a second opinion against the results obtained by the internal control equipment of companies.