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Jaume Veciana

Expertise on the synthesis, characterization and processing of molecule/polymer-based functional materials for electronic and biomedical applications

Research field :

Research interests are focused on the design, synthesis, and processing of functional –(poly)radicals, electroactive, redox, bioactive, etc- organic molecules/polymers as advanced functional molecular materials and their applications in the following areas and topics of MOLECULAR ELECTRONICS (Unimolecular electronic and molecular spintronics devices; Molecular and supramolecular switches; E-skin devices, based on conducting nanocomposite thin-films) and MOLECULAR NANOMEDICINE (Multifunctional nanovesicles for therapy, diagnosis, and theranosis applications; Molecular materials for tissue engineering and cell therapies).

Capacities :

As the Head of NANOMOL group at ICMAB, Prof. Veciana offers the following technological capabilities: a) Cellular growth engineering by nanostructuration of protein aggregates and biomolecules on different surfaces; b) Encapsulation of biomolecules with therapeutic activity in nanovesicles using soft conditions; c) Obtaining and study of new radical molecules for their use as contrast and nuclear polarizing agents in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) techniques; d) Development of non-volatile memory devices and switches from electro-active radical molecules anchored on a surface with commutability properties; e) Development of novel piezo-, pyro-, and hygro-resistive films as high-sensitivity deformation, temperature, humidity and infrared radiation sensors; f) Use of organic free radicals as active components for molecular spintronics.

As the Scientific Director of ICTS NANBIOSIS of CIBER-BBN (, he is able to offer coordinated cutting-edge integrated solutions to advanced challenges in nanomedicine, tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, diagnostic and medical device, that includes design and production of biomaterials and nanomaterials and their nanoconjugates, and the characterization of these bio-/nanomaterials, tissues and medicals devices from a physico-chemical, functional, toxicological and biological point of view up to preclinical validation.

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