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Rosa Palacín

Main current research focus is sustainable post-lithium battery technologies based on abundant, non-toxic elements.



Field of interest:

Research involving solid state chemistry and electrochemistry applied to battery technology covering already commercial (e.g. Ni or Li-ion) or pre-commercial (Na-ion) concepts as well as new battery chemistries and emerging technologies (Mg or Ca based).

Activity covers not only materials already in use commercially but also design and development of new compounds, tailoring structure and microstructure to maximise electrochemical performance. Focus is also placed in understanding redox mechanisms via a wide spectrum of techniques, including operando diffraction.

Special emphasis is set on developing fertile cooperation scenarios between basic oriented research and industry via joint contracts (including consulting) or public EC/National projects.  


Synthesis and characterization of battery materials using ICMAB’s available facilities. These include furnaces at Solid State Chemistry laboratories, able to operate up to 1100°C under diverse inert (nitrogen, argon) or reactive atmospheres (oxygen, ammonia, Ar/H2, synthetic air) and Scientifico-Technical services (diffraction, electron microscopy, spectroscopy, BET, thermal analysis, etc). Facilities are also available for electrode fabrication via tape casting, manipulation of air-sensitive materials and assembly and testing of small laboratory battery prototypes, either coin-cell or swagelok type. Potentiostats enable testing at different rates/potential windows and at different temperatures (dedicated ovens) and also Operando diffraction experiments.

Consulting on state-of-the art of battery technologies for diverse TRLs, including performance, ageing etc. (ca. 25 years expertise in battery research and currently serving in diverse advice/governing boards in that capacity).