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Elies Molins

Expertise in solid drug characterization.

Field of interest

Involved in the support to the development and characterization of solid drugs since 1996. The group collaborate with several pharmaceutical companies usually by contract research and technological support, either devoted to solving eventually a specific problem or for continuous assessment. Some of our current collaborations began several years ago and the companies still benefit for a continuous and close contact support.

The group was inspected by US FDA in 2019.


Our main probe technique is the diffraction with X-rays (powder and single crystal). When necessary, we use other techniques such as Mössbauer or other spectroscopies, electron microscopy, thermal analysis, porosity analysis, particle size analysis, sinchrotron radiation applications, etc.

Our background in crystallography and in intermolecular interactions has been the grounds to develop our expertise in polymorphism, pseudo-polymorphism, drug stability, impurities quantification, etc. in the whole process chain from raw materials, intermediates and active pharmaceutical ingredients to final solid form specialties.

We are also interested in multicomponent forms including co-crystals, salts or solvates.

Our research group is composed by Dr. Elies Molins, Dr. Ignasi Mata, Dr. Mònica Benito and Joana Martínez.


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