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A magnetic bendable data-storage device

A new magnetic recordinf device where information is cloaked, virtually unerasable and bendable. The device can store information as the magnetic band or a barcode or even more advanced magnetic memories. Once written the  information is unalterable and cloaked.


Development of functional material on flexible substrates is a fast growing activity due to potential applications in mobile and wearable IoT technologies.

Magnetic materials are well known as data storage media, as in magnetic random access memory elements (MRAMs) ad hard disks (HD). These devices are based on a particular class of magnetic materials, called “ferromagnetic materials”. Antiferromagnetic materials can store also magnetic information in a more robust manner and of relevance for some applications, it is cloaked. Antiferromagnetic-based data-storage elements have been proposed, but always on an unbendable substrate.

The present invention is an antiferromagnetic bendable recording device with an antiferromagnetic alloy as memory element that comprises:

  • A flexible metallic material as a substrate capped with and electrical insulating layer
  • A crystalline antiferromagnetic metallic alloy

At working temperature, the crystalline metallic alloy is in its antiferromagnetic state and the information is cloaked and robustly stored. The information is read electrically in a non-destructive manner.